Born in: Euskadi
Offspring: 0
Marital status: Married
Job: Real estate agent
Date of the attack: 31/12/1978
Place of the attack: Laudio
Weapon: Automatic Riffle
Killed by: ETA


José Luis Vicente Cantón stepped out of the main door of his apartment block on Calle Marqués de Urquijo at 11.20 am. The sole witness to the crime reported that three young individuals in a Seat 131 pulled up beside the victim and one of them shot him at close range with a machine gun.


His wife, Gregoria Molinuevo Diez and one of his daughters ran to the window. She and the witness took José Luis to the Social Security Centre where the doctor on duty certified his death. He had been shot twice in the chest. Days later, ETA claimed responsibility for the attack, accusing the victim of collaborating with the Civil Guard.