Born in: Madrid
Age: 24
Offspring: 0
Marital status: Single
Job: Machinist of the Classical Ballet Company of Madrid
Date of the attack: 29/07/1994
Place of the attack: Madrid
Weapon: Car bomb
Killed by: ETA


Shortly after 8.00 am on the morning of 29 July, 1994 Lieutenant-General Francisco Veguillas Elices, the Director General of Defence Policy, left his home on Calle de Fuentes, near Plaza de Ramales. As was his custom, he had breakfast in a bar and then got into an armoured-plated Peugeot 405 with a disguised registration. He was followed by an escort car. At around 8.45 am, the officer’s driver, Francisco Joaquín Martín Moya, drove round Plaza de Ramales, next to Plaza de Oriente, and turned the corner onto Calle de Santiago. At that moment, an ETA member activated a remote control unit, detonating a bomb containing 40 kilograms of ammonal in a Ford Sierra car. The explosion killed the lieutenant-general, his chauffeur and César García Contonente, a stagehand from the Madrid Classic Ballet company who was working in the square. Another twenty people, including two of the civil guards escorting the lieutenant-general, were wounded.

César García Contonente was 24 years old and was a stagehand at the Madrid Classic Ballet company, where his girlfriend also worked. That morning we was loading a truck with material for the company which was due to perform that evening in Hoyo de Manzanares (Madrid).