Born in: Castilla y León
Age: 52
Offspring: 0
Marital status: Married
Job: Sergeant of the Civil Guard
Date of the attack: 17/12/1974
Place of the attack: Mondragón
Weapon: Automatic Riffle
Killed by: ETA


Officer Luis Santos Hernández and his partner Argimiro García Estévez were on patrol when they decided to take a break. They went into a bar to have a glass of wine, as they were in the habit of doing when patrolling the streets of Mondragón.

At around 8.30 pm, they left the establishment and set off along Calle del Ferial. Luis was in uniform and Argimiro was in plain-clothes. A few minutes later, at around 8:45 pm, a vehicle pulled up alongside them and they were machine-gunned by four or five ETA members inside. The officers fell to the ground, where employees and clients from the Gurea cinema came to their aid.