Born in: Andalucía
Age: 24
Offspring: 0
Marital status: Single
Job: National Police Agent
Date of the attack: 15/05/1980
Place of the attack: Donostia
Weapon: Gun
Killed by: ETA


José Manuel Rodríguez Fontana was shot numerous times when he was having coffee at the Majusi Bar in the Amara district of San Sebastián, with his colleagues Jesús Holgado Sabio and Dionisio Villadangos Calvo. The three officers went to the bar counter. When the barman bent down to get a glass, two unmasked ETA members shot them. Some of the clients mistakenly thought that the shots had been fired by another man who was having a beer. In the confusion, the real perpetrators made off in a moving car.


José Manuel Rodríguez was killed instantly. Dionisio Villadangos and Jesús Holgado were still alive when the ambulance arrived, but died later in hospital.