Born in: Catalunya
Age: 56
Offspring: 1
Marital status: Married
Job: Second Chief of the Bilbao Navy Command, Lieutenant Commander
Date of the attack: 03/10/1978
Place of the attack: Bilbo
Weapon: Pistola
Killed by: ETA


Captain Francisco de Asís Liesa Morote was living on Calle Amadeo Deprit. A terrorist unit went to his apartment block and threatened the doorkeeper of the building, forcing him to take them to the captain’s home. Francisco opened the door to them. Inside were his wife, Claudia Mestre, and two students who were studying for their skipper’s licence.

Once inside, one of the terrorists shut himself in an adjoining room with Francisco. They spoke for around five minutes, after which he opened the door of the room, saying: “We have finished”. Without another word, he then shot Francisco de Asís in the temple at point-blank range.

Francisco de Asís Liesa was 56 years old and had a son. No-one has ever been brought to justice for his murder. He lived in the old quarter of Bilbao, where a ceremony had been organised the previous Thursday to pay homage to Andoni Ugalde, an ETA terrorist whose criminal record included two killings.