Born in: Euskadi
Age: 2
Offspring: 0
Date of the attack: 07/11/1991
Place of the attack: Erandio
Guilties: Juan Carlos Iglesias Chouzas, Javier Martínez Izaguirre, Rosa María Arana Txakartegi
Weapon: Bomba lapa
Killed by: ETA


On 4 November 1991 two ETA terrorists attached a ‘limpet-bomb’ to the underside of a car owned by Antonio Moreno, a civil guard stationed in Erandio. It was his own private vehicle which he only used for family trips with his wife and his two-year old twin sons. Three days later, on 7 November, Antonio picked up his sons from an indoor swimming pool in Guecho. The bomb went off as they were rounding a bend in the road leading into the town of Erandio. One of the boys, Fabio, was killed instantly. His brother Alexander suffered burns in one leg and a perforated eardrum. Their father, Antonio, took more than two years to recover from his injuries.

In the film ‘Trece entre mil’, by Iñaki Arteta, Antonio Moreno described the moments immediately following the explosion; “I opened the back of the car and took Alex out; he was OK. The worst was when I went to take Fabio out; I had to take him in several pieces. I didn’t know how to hold him, because he kept slipping out of my hands. The blast burst my eardrums. I couldn’t hear anything; I didn’t know what was going on (…) The first thing you think is ‘Why my son and not me?’ In theory, you think, the villain of the piece could have been said to be me.”

Juan Carlos Iglesias Chouzas (alias Gadafi) of ETA was convicted of Fabio’s murder, together with another 19 crimes.