Born in: Castilla-La Mancha
Age: 57
Offspring: 4
Marital status: Married
Job: Retired, former employee of Telefónica
Date of the attack: 04/08/2002
Place of the attack: Santa Pola
Guilties: Andoni Otegi Eraso, 'Iosu', y Óscar Celarain Ortiz, 'Peio', condenados por la AN en 2012 a 843 años de cárcel a cada uno por ser autores del atentado.
Weapon: Car bomb
Killed by: ETA


At 8.30 pm on 4 August 2002, the Civil Guard Barracks in Santa Pola was shaken by a major explosion, which was audible several kilometres away. A car bomb consisting of fifty kilograms of explosives and shrapnel exploded in front of the barracks, in an area close to a number of bus stops. Two people were killed in the blast: six-year-old Silvia Martínez Santiago, the daughter of a civil guard, and Cecilio Gallego Alaminos, a 57-year-old pensioner who was waiting at the bus stop. Another thirty people were wounded, amongst them Silvia’s cousin Borja, aged three and a half who suffered diverse cuts. At the time, the area was packed with tourists spending their August holidays.

Five days after the attack, ETA phoned a warning to the voluntary ambulance association DYA that they had planted a bomb on the beach in Santa Pola. The police did not find the device until 48 hours after the call. The bomb, containing eight kilograms of chloratite was buried between two palm trees. It was defused by bomb disposal experts.

Cecilio Gallego, originally from Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real), had worked for Telefónica. He was living in Torrevieja, where he was known for his involvement in sporting activities and as a guitar teacher in several state schools in the town, which awarded him posthumous honours. He was married with four children.