Age: 70
Offspring: 0
Date of the attack: 26/05/1979
Place of the attack: Madrid
Weapon: Otros explosivos
Killed by: GRAPO


At 6:55 pm on 26 May, 1979, a powerful explosion went off in the California 47 café, situated at 47 Calle Goya, Madrid. The device, made up of between four and five kilograms of explosives, had been placed in the ground-floor toilets. Eight people were killed by the blast, most of them elderly women and around another fifty people were injured. The premises was almost completely destroyed by the force of the explosion. The attack was blamed on GRAPO. The café was near the headquarters of New Force (Fuerza Nueva, a far-right political party) and was frequented by sympathisers of the organisation.

Ángela López de Sa Bassave, aged 70, was buried on Sunday 27 May 1979 in the Alumudena cemetery, as were José Martínez Argüelles, Fernando Manso and his wife María Hurtado, who were also killed in the attack.