Born in: Galicia
Age: 36
Offspring: 2
Marital status: Married
Job: Taxi driver
Date of the attack: 02/09/1978
Place of the attack: Usurbil
Weapon: Pistola
Killed by: ETA


ETA kidnapped taxi driver Amancio Barreiro on 2 September and later shot him dead. Amancio was 36 years old and married with two children: Josecho, aged 11 years and Merche, aged 9. He begged his kidnappers—who were members of ETA’s Autonomous Anti-Capitalist Units—not to kill him. However, the terrorists shot him in one leg so that he could not escape. They then shot him in the head and abdomen. An anonymous caller to the police station in Irún reported that Amancio had been killed.

In 1981 the case was tried by the National Court. Jesús María Larzabal Bastarrica was sentenced to 26 years in prison for murder. José Angel Cincunegui Urdampilleta received a six-year sentence. However, they were both released from prison after only two years.

In 2006 the National Court reopened the case. Antonio Mario Celaya Otaño was accused of the crime, having fled to Mexico and been arrested in France in 2002. Celaya had signed a letter of confession, giving full details of the incident and stating that he committed the murder. However, the National Court only sentenced him to 6 years in prison for collaboration. Because he had already served time in prison in France for the crime, he was released after six months.

Altogether, the three men sentenced for the murder of Amancio Barreiro have only served two years and six months in prison.