Born in: Extremadura
Age: 26
Offspring: 0
Marital status: Married
Job: Agent of the Ertzaintza
Date of the attack: 16/10/1988
Place of the attack: Legazpi
Guilties: Jesús María Ciganda Sarratea, Juan Carlos Balerdi Iturralde, Pedro José Echevarria Lete, Fermín Urdiaín Ciriza, Lourdes Churruca Medinabeitia
Weapon: Others explosives
Killed by: ETA


Four explosive devices were placed by members of ETA in two tunnels on the Madrid-Irún railway line at Legazpi. They then phoned in a warning to an ambulance service (DYA) and the rail company, Renfe. Several officers from the Basque police force (Ertzaintza) went to the scene, but the terrorists had planted another two explosive devices. Ertzaintza officer Juan José Pacheco was killed instantly by the blast and three of his colleagues were injured.


In a pathetic declaration, ETA classed the murder as an “accident”, saying they had expected the Civil Guard, and not the Ertzaintza, to go to the scene.