Born in: Euskadi
Offspring: 0
Marital status: Married
Job: Unemployed
Date of the attack: 02/06/1993
Place of the attack: Donostia
Weapon: Gun
Killed by: ETA


Three ETA members went to the home of Ángel María González Sabino in the La Paz district on the outskirts of San Sebastian. While one of them stood guard outside on the street, the other two went up to the tenth floor of the apartment block, where the family lived. They rang at the doorbell and when Ángel María opened the door, one of the terrorists shot him once in the head. He was killed instantly. The National Court found that the three ETA members who carried out the killing were Agustín Almaraz (who was in charge of providing cover abroad), José Ignacio Alonso and Sergio Polo.

ETA’s objective appears to have been to kill any of the three González Sabino brothers. Once again, the terrorist group justified the killing by claiming that González Sabino had links to drug trafficking.

No public authorities attended Ángel María González’s funeral, except for Gregorio Ordóñez, councillor for the People’s Party (Partido Popular) who was himself later to be killed by ETA.

The victim’s family had to leave the Basque Country when the schoolmates of his only son, Ángel María González Sabino, began to call him the “grass’s son” and taunted him because his father had been killed. As a result of the experience, he suffered depression.